Ben Dulaney, Founder

Ben Dulaney - Head Shot.JPG

Ben Dulaney is a Conscious Transformation energy practitioner and teacher apprentice whose home base is in Nashville, Tennessee. He is the Nashville voice for Conscious Transformation, a cutting edge personal and professional development system created by teacher and speaker Joey Klein. The techniques, which ground ancient Eastern and Western philosophies with modern neuroscience, are designed to help others realize their personal and professional visions. By learning self-mastery in the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual realms, participants have greater access to love, intuition and imagination. Life is experienced on a visceral level.

After studying computer science in college, Dulaney realized his disdain for sitting behind a desk. The desire to interact with others led the former introvert to a successful sales career. He traveled the country until the economic crash in 2007. Hitting rock bottom became a catalyst for change. He decided it was time to find his purpose and live into his potential.

He no longer wanted to be the same person repeating the same mistakes.

Serendipitously, Dulaney met Heidi Hintz, a Conscious Transformation practitioner, several years later. Intrigued by his experience with her, Dulaney decided to pursue his curiosity and was introduced to Joey Klein. The profound presence Hintz and Klein carried was indicative that Conscious Transformation worked, and Dulaney resonated with it. Inspired to study Klein’s teachings, Dulaney slowly started cultivating the connection to his self and others training the mind, emotions and actions to align with his vision of life.

The radical shifts Dulaney experienced were a testament to the program. After becoming more aware, he rewrote the behavioral patterns that no longer served him. The expectations, feelings and attachments that caused him pain began to crystallize. There was a metamorphosis in his financial and romantic situations. His life regained stability and he met a partner who wholeheartedly supported his self-work.

In the driver’s seat of his destiny, Dulaney decided to become a certified practitioner in 2013 and was accepted into the Teacher/Apprentice Program in 2014. The intensive practitioner curriculum included countless workshops, daily mindfulness meditations and donations of over one hundred Conscious Transformation energy sessions. The Apprentice curriculum is even more in depth. After working as an Apprentice for 5 years, Dulaney fulfilled on the requirements and demonstrated his proficiency in supporting his clients in transformation. Now, he has been awarded the honor of being named a Certified Trainer for Conscious Transformation.

Once those around him began noticing the dramatic difference in his demeanor, his calling became clear: to bring the Conscious Transformation community to his beloved hometown of Nashville. Ever since, Dulaney has vowed to assist others with overcoming their internal obstacles and find a greater sense of well-being in the world. He wants his neighbors to greet each day with passion, gratitude and peace.