• Close your eyes
  • Where was I 1 year ago or 5 years ago?
  • What did life look like?
  • What does my life look like now as an experience?
  • What growth has occurred?
  • What challenges have you overcome?
  • What growth experience happened for you?
  • What discoveries did you make about yourself?
  • What successes did you step into?
  • In that moment, be grateful that you had the courage, you had the passion, you had the opportunity come your way to step into a better way of living. What ever it was that called you to that way of being, called you to that way of being.
  • I’m so grateful I am not where I once was
  • Be grateful that you took action & that you’re here today.
  • After you reflect on where you’ve been and you take that moment of just being grateful that you’re no longer there, take a moment & just acknowledge the growth & change that has happened. Whether it’s an emotional shift or change or the external circumstances have change.
  • Be grateful that you’re no longer there. That you have this opportunity to experience something different.
  • Now, step into being grateful for where you are today
  • Let that sense of fullness expand inside you.
  • Be grateful that you can create a vision, and that you are accessing the tool to make it possible & actually fulfill your vision & make it your reality.
  • I am so grateful for right now this moment (food, job, house, richness all around)
  • Be so grateful of what’s to come (rest of the night, tomorrow, rest of the year, next year)


  • Now from that place of fullness, ask the brain these questions
  • What can I give today?
  • What can I give tomorrow?
  • What can I give these next few weeks?
  • In what way can I make a positive impact on my life & in other people’s life today?


Daily Practice


For the next month, make a practice of living in that place of gratitude. From this place of knowing what a rich and fulfilled life you are already inside of, make it a point everyday to something to someone with out any expectation. Truly give it freely. What can I give today? Nice gesture. Donation. Buy someone’s lunch.