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FREE Community Call - The Success Matrix: How to Bring Joy and Playfulness into your Life

Playfulness is often viewed as frivolous, not having any real purpose or value. After all, with the endless list of tasks and responsibilities in life, who has time to play? Maybe we fear being described as childish or irresponsible by others when there is so much work to be done. However, this sense of obligation is derived from a set of beliefs and then directs our emotional expression that exists inside of us. Maybe it is the fear that something will go wrong if we don’t manage everything perfectly or the feeling of anxiety that makes us feel rushed, as though there is never enough time in the day. What if we could directly address our beliefs and emotional state and then accomplish everything we set out to achieve in a more joyful, playful way?

Our experience in life comes down to which thought patterns and emotional expressions are driving us in each moment. Wouldn’t our daily experiences such as getting the kids to school or meeting with the staff be more enjoyable if we were lighthearted and playful rather than serious and demanding? We will learn that in every moment, we all have the ability to choose a playful attitude no matter what the task.

As you learn to release the constricting states of fear and anxiety, you can cultivate a stronger connection to states of joy and excitement. As you take action from these higher states, you are energetically more open and can actually accomplish far more than you would ever achieve when you feel stressed and forced in everything that you do. Increasing your playful attitude can actually make you more productive rather than less, and the people in your life will thank you for the more vibrant, lighthearted version of you!

On this free call, you will:

✓ Learn to release the fear-based emotions that come with a sense of obligation
✓ Create increased energy through expanded emotional states of joy and creativity
✓ Practice techniques to train the experience you choose in your life
✓ Reignite your playful side in everyday life

Please join Joey Klein on Wednesday, July 20 at 5pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern for this free hour-long call designed to help you bring joy and playfulness into every aspect of your life.

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